Shondo Blades
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General Information
Gender Male
Age 30
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Family & Friends
Other Information
Strengths Mixed Martial Arts
Series Information
Season(s) 1
First episode Episode 1
Last episode Episode 10

Shondo Blades is a "Paladin" - a competitor on the ABC fantasy competition series The Quest.

Personal BioEdit

Shondo attributes his southern hospitality to his hometown of Houston, TX. The professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter is dedicated to mastering his craft but don’t be fooled by his tough exterior because he is a softy when it comes to The Lion King.[1]

(Section below taken from - Shondo Blades' profile)

What is your earliest memory of the fantasy genre? What made you become a fan?

- My earliest memory of fantasy was when I was about three years old! I swear I should've been the youngest Ghostbuster in history. Those guys defined cool.

What’s the craziest thing you've done in the name of fandom?

- Dressing up like a Ghostbuster for one week straight at school -- proton pack included!

What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to the fantasy genre?

- My guilty pleasure, if you can call it one, is reciting lines in the shower like I'm playing the character of the Black Panther, which is my dream role.

How do you define "hero"?

- A hero is one who does what most people won't or are afraid to do in the name of following a dream or vision.

Who is your real-life hero and why?

- My parents represent my heroes simply because they chose the path less traveled and they instilled a massive amount of self-confidence in me as a result.

Describe yourself in three words.

- Three words that best describe me: SWAG SCHOOL PRINCIPAL.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Fire the scorpion, LIKE WE MEAN IT!"
—Shondo's passion while firing the scorpion crossbow[src]
"All I see is dubs."
—Shondo after winning the most points in the horsemanship tournament[src]


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