Sir Ansgar
Sir ansgar
General Information
Gender Male
Age 40+
Family & Friends
Marital status Widowed
Other Information
Series Information
Season(s) 1
First episode Episode 1
Last episode Episode 10

Sir Ansgar trains the Paladins in preparation for the impending fight with Verlox, whose army is nearing every day. He is head of the Royal Army and faithfully serves Queen Ralia. He would rather be with his troops in the field, but has been asked by Queen Ralia to prepare the Paladins for battle. He can be quite stern and is difficult to please. Nevertheless, when a Paladin impresses him, he will compliment them and even show the rare smile.

He is a skilled warrior as we see him defeat an ogre single-handed. He lost his wife many years ago while she was pregnant and now has only his duties and loyalty to the Queen to keep him going.

Paladin Bonnie wrote a song for Sir Ansgar which she sings with the other Paladins in praise of Sir Ansgar.