The Grand Vizier
Grand Vizier
General Information
Gender Male
Age 50s
Eye color Black
Family & Friends
Other Information
Series Information
Season(s) 1
First episode Episode 1
Last episode Episode 10
"How sad that your paladins weren’t as convincing as I was. And how incredibly sad that Verlox will soon have all of you in his hands."
—The vizier to Sir Ansgar after revealing his true self[src]

The Grand Vizier is a sorcerer and adviser who serves Queen Ralia in the kingdom of Everealm. From the beginning of the Quest, the Vizier has made it clear he neither welcomes nor likes the Paladins. He seems to rejoice every time a Paladin is Banished.

When Queen Ralia was poisoned, the Paladins raced to find an antidote. When it was effective, the Queen instantly thanked her Vizier, only to be corrected by Crio, the Paladin's guide. Crio informed Queen Ralia that it was Paladin Andrew who saved the Queen.

The Vizier is knowledgeable of Everealm's history. In the first episode, he informs the Paladins of the fall of Verlox one thousand years ago.

In Episode 7, the paladins don't seem to trust the vizier thinking that every time something bad happens he shows up.

In Episode 9, the paladins' suspicions proved correct when it was revealed that Vizier was indeed a traitor in Saenctum, and working with Verlox.