These badges are pinned on the Paladin who achieves the best performance during each of Sir Ansgar's challenges, either by placing 1st or being selected by and between the winning team. Each Mark represents one of the twelve kingdoms of Everealm and the values they represent.

Season 1Edit

Episode 1. Bonnie Gordon - The Mark of Leadership (Kingdom of Saenctum) - For being the "eyes" of the winning team during the scorpion challenge.

Episode 2. Shondo Blades - The Mark of Dexterity (Kingdom of Lluas) - For earning the most points during the horsemanship challenge.

Episode 3. Andrew Frazer - The Mark of Wisdom (Kingdom of Sanare) - For completing the potion making challenge and saving the Queen.

Episode 4. Leticia Reyes - The Mark of Strategy (Kingdom of Kunnacht) - For defeating Andrew and Shondo in the finals of the battle dome challenge.

Episode 5. Lina Carollo - The Mark of Ingenuity (Kingdom of Austeer) - For bring the smallest member of the winning team in the barricade challenge.

Episode 6. Lina Carollo - The Mark of Observation (Kingdom of Glic) - For being the first Paladin to return with a Fire Orb during the retrieval challenge.

Episode 7. Patrick Higgins - The Mark of Intelligence (Kingdom of Faisney) - For both being the "eyes" and strategically rotating tasks during the flag signals challenge.

Episode 8. Andrew Frazer - The Mark of Bravery (Kingdom of Fortiteer) - For being the first Paladin to reassemble his ratchet system and then use it to close one of the dragon's gates during the dragon trapping challenge.

Episode 9. Andrew Frazer - The Mark of Strength (Kingdom of Darvia) - For being the first Paladin to break out of the Rana's cage.